May. 22nd, 2009

My summer holiday started today. We start back up again August 17th, which seems like a world away and yet not long enough.

This week of teachers' meetings after the students left last Friday has been pretty harsh. Started the week feeling like I wanted to go hide somewhere and never return, but things have worked out reasonably well. I feel vindicated somehow, but also relieved that I didn't have to go into full confrontational mode with anyone. Nearly, but not quite.

In he last week I've knitted about a third of a sweater for Ulv, probably for next summer as it's pretty huge and cotton, so not for winter, and about three woolly hats, all children's sizes. Haven't finished any of them (threads to fasten and ear-flap things left to knit) but have started a fourth. I might give some of them away, at least that's the plan, though usually whatever I knit (and plan to give away or sell) ends up on Ulv.

Have an awful lot of work and other stuff to do this summer. Might to a list tomorrow, but for now my brain is shutting down. Relieved not to have to see my colleagues or any students, past or future, for a while. Everything I have to do, or most of it, is things I like to do, and now I can structure my days as I like, in between bringing Ulv to Kindergarten and picking him up again, and in between our other holiday plans.

Sleeping pill taking hold now. Can feel it in my hands, making it harder to write, which also means what I do write will make less and less sense. Time for bed.



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