Yesterday was the final day of this school year. Lots of teary goodbyes, most of which I missed due to having to take a sleepy Ulv home. I didn't mind at all. My first couple of years here I howled when the students left, but this year I didn't shed a tear. I like most of the students in my class, and I've had fun with them, but I've been very emotionally detached all year, and a few, one in particular, I dislike so much that the relief of having him gone makes up for the others leaving too.

Also, I'll see most of mine again this autumn, when we'll do some kind of premier screening of the film.

It's been very busy lately. We finished shooting the film on Thursday, after having done several scenes in the couple of hours before lunch. Did have a moment, with five or six of the students who have been most involved, of feeling warm, glowy accomplishment. Would even have brought a bottle of champagne, if not for the fact that a mere sip or two would have made me silly drunk before the teacher's meeting after lunch (and serving alcohol in the classroom at any time, especially pre-lunch, would not have been beneficial to my future career here).

Last night I felt tense more than relieved, mostly to do with the fallout of the row with my boss and the situation that triggered it. It all boils down to one of my colleagues taking over the school website that I've been doing, at it having happened without anybody talking to me about it. I can believe my boss has been led to believe I wouldn't mind very much, but the colleague in question knows very well that I would. I talked to one colleague about it (plus Maria, who's worked here the last few years, mostly in my job while I've been off sick or on maternity leave, and also as principal this year, but who most likely won't be working here this coming year (and that's a shame)), who then talked to another, who talked to another, and now it's becoming a big deal and I'm feeling increasingly crap about the whole thing.

Anyway, today I've fallen asleep a number of times, and napped with Ulv for almost three hours, so feeling much better.



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