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Not quite sure what we did over the weekend. I've been quite obesessive about the knitting again lately, so been doing a lot of that, while watching the end of ANTM season 12 and other things I can't recall. About halfway through Project Runway season five now, in addition to a few series currently on TV, the most time-consuming being Danish Paradise Hotel, which is on four nights a week.

Anyway. Had lovely weather until today, so took Ulv outside on Sunday, where he babbled happily and played with sticks on the lawn. He's got a bit of a runny nose but otherwise doesn't seem bothered by teeth or anything else at the moment. He's practically stopped throwing his food everywhere (at least the last few days) and has stopped scratching my face. Instead he holds my face in his hands and looks at me, or hugs me. We've practically stopped breast-feeding (once in the last six days, yesterday morning), and he seems to be making up for it by being extra loving and cuddly. On the other hand, he cried when I picked him up in kindergarten both today and yesterday. Yesterday he was busy playing with a toy truck, so I can sort of understand him, and today I heard him crying when I arrived, so not really my fault.

Work-wise I've rewritten the summer letter that goes out to next year's students, done a fair bit of work on the new website for Kerosene (the old one I did in a day or so, and it looks it. This one is a rush job as well, but at least I have photographs now), and have just started getting my head around the script I'm rewriting. The producer contacted me today and I promised a full rewrite by mid June (though allowing for sketchy dialogue). I know they want to submit it for development funding by the end of June so hopefully what I do will be okay for that. Those development funds, if given, will go towards paying me, so need to do a good job.

We leave for Paris on Tuesday, and by then the new Kerosene website must be up and running, the house must be in order and the script must be under way. In addition I must have packed, found our passports, figured out how to get from the airport to the flat we're renting and a number of other minor things.

Not sure how I'll find either time or money for driving lessons in amongst all the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing this summer, not to mention the space in my head for actually learning to drive and all the theory stuff I also need to learn. Blah.

And must mention the obvious, before I sign off, being that the loveliest thing in the world is a warm, heavy, sleeping little boy, and the intense joy it gives me to shift him into place in his bed after he's fallen asleep on top of the duvet again.



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